Ep #01: Organizing Your Finances and Setting Goals

Welcome to What The Wealth?!, the podcast where Certified Financial Planner Jonathan Bednar brings you information to help you make intentional financial decisions and navigate life’s transitions. Each week, you’ll hear from Jonathan and his guests as they share what you can do to plan for and create the life you love—free from anxiety about money.

In this opening episode, Jonathan breaks down how budgeting can work for you and help you plan for your future goals. Listen in to learn what it takes to get your finances to the point where you no longer need to think about money all the time and feel confident and comfortable with what you have

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode On Organizing Finances:

  • How to get organized to start your year off right.
  • Tips for getting your finances organized.
  • An overview of what we will be covering on this podcast series.
  • The two ways to budget.
  • What a zero-based budget is.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Money is, without question, the central issue in everyone’s life.” – Jonathan Bednar

“When we create the right financial plan, follow it, and adjust it over time … money can fade into the background where it belongs.” – Jonathan Bednar

“There are two things that I desire most for all of my clients: The first is roots to keep them grounded in the investments that they make. The other is wings so they can freely pursue the things they value most in life.” – Jonathan Bednar

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