Ep #05: Preparing for the IRS and Filing Your Taxes

As April 15th quickly approaches, are you feeling prepared and ready to file your taxes? Today I want to continue our conversation around preparing for the IRS and finalizing everything before filing your taxes. I will be sharing my tips on staying organized and coming up with an approach that allows you to calm the chaos that comes with tax season.

In this episode, I will be explaining my three-fold approach to streamlining your tax filing. You will learn the importance of verifying the information on your forms to ensure they are accurate, how to keep your information secure, and much more.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode About Taxes:

  • Tips when preparing for your taxes.
  • The importance of protecting your information.
  • The difference between filing the standard or filing the itemized.
  • How to calm the chaos of tax season.
  • The importance of verifying the information on your forms is accurate.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Do not give out any sensitive information on the phone. ” -Jonathan Bednar

“I recommend a three folder tax filing approach. ” – Jonathan Bednar

“It is very important that you keep and protect your information.” – Jonathan Bednar

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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