Ep #13: The Importance of Doing an Insurance Review

With all the various types of insurance out there, it can seem like we are “insuranced” to death. Many people just put their insurance on auto-pilot and never look at it again, but as changes occur in life, we need to be re-evaluating what we need—or don’t need anymore. So in this episode, I’ll discuss why it’s so important to do an insurance review at least yearly, as well as the steps for doing so.

As you gain or lose possessions, have health or relationship changes, or anything along those lines, it is really beneficial to keep track of these things and adjust your insurance accordingly. I will walk you through the process of evaluating these different areas of your life and making sure you are not over or under-covered, so listen in and learn how to save yourself a lot of issues in the future.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode About Insurance Review:

  • Why you need to be doing insurance reviews.
  • The risks of not re-evaluating your insurance.
  • What personal information to update.
  • Questions to ask about homeowners insurance.
  • Why you should document everything in your house.
  • Lifestyle changes that affect your insurance.
  • What things may cause you to need auto insurance changes.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Many people simply put their insurance policies on auto-pay and never think about the coverage again.” -Jonathan Bednar

“Does this insurance still meet my needs and objectives? If yes, great. If not, then evaluate and dig deeper to see if there’s a better alternative to meet your needs.” – Jonathan Bednar

“When your life changes, you need to make those corresponding changes within your insurance policies.” – Jonathan Bednar

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