Ep #25: Following Through On Your Dreams

Welcome to 2021! Many of us are so excited to put 2020 to rest and start planning for the year ahead that it’s easy for us to hurriedly make New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, many people are unable to follow through and stick with their initial plans. So in this episode, I want to share the processes you can put in place to ensure you follow through with your goals, whether they be financial, health-related, or something else. Listen in as I explain what a micro-action is and how you can implement this into your daily routine. You will learn how to be intentional with your time, the importance of identifying your family values, and how to find long-term fulfillment. Focus on your core values, and everything else will fall into place.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode About Following Through On Your Dreams:

  • Why so many people’s resolutions fail.
  • The importance of having a strategy in place for the year.
  • Why you should write down your goals.
  • What a micro-action is.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“What most people fail to do is stick with their plan—because they don’t have a plan. They don’t have someone who keeps them accountable, and they don’t have it written.” – Jonathan Bednar

“Whatever your ambitions are, you have to have a long-term plan.” – Jonathan Bednar

“I want to focus on my core values: faith, family, and friends. Everything else will fall in to place.” – Jonathan Bednar


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