Ep #32: Retirement Savings

Today I want to talk to you a bit about retirement savings. I recently did a LinkedIn doodle giving an example of two people investing for their retirement in two different ways. I’ll discuss what you need in order for your retirement planning to pay off – and also what you DON’T need.

You will get to see the key areas that make a difference when it comes to investing. The example of how these two people chose to invest will help illustrate the power of leveraging time and having a plan in place, so make sure to tune in.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • An example of how different people invest.
  • The power of investing and saving over long periods of time.
  • The importance of having a plan.
  • Where you may need to do additional planning.
  • What you DON’T need in order to be successful in investing.

Ideas Worth Sharing About Retirement Savings:

“My goal is to take you from confused to confident when it comes to money so you know how you’re going to pursue what your dreams are.” – Jonathan Bednar

“Just having a plan in place can accumulate a lot of wealth.” – Jonathan Bednar

“You need to do financial planning and determine if your savings and growth strategy is going to sustain the lifestyle that you want.” – Jonathan Bednar


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