Ep #19: The Economy and 2020 Election with Ryan Detrick

Ryan Detrick, the master of stats, joins the show for the second time to discuss the economy and markets. He is the senior strategist at LPL Financial, and he has a knack for understanding and explaining the uncertainty and irrationality of the markets. Ryan joins us today to share some great insight into what is going on in current events, as well as how it will affect the markets now and in the future. From the effect of the president recently testing positive for COVID to the upcoming election, you’ll learn how the markets tend to react to these kinds of things and what you can expect. Ryan also discusses the strong pockets in the economy and how he anticipates a stronger economy rolling out. The uncertainty of the markets and current events can be unsettling, so listen in to hear what effect he predicts the election will have on the markets.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The effect of current events on the market.
  • Why Ryan expects earnings to be up in 2021.
  • The positives that we can expect to come from the negatives we’re experiencing now.
  • How the U.S. election will affect the markets.
  • What drives the growth of companies.
  • Advice on what you should be doing with your portfolio.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“The reality of the fact is that the economy is still improving.” – Ryan Detrick

“Whoever wins this election is going to have the keys to a really good economy.” – Ryan Detrick

“Can the stock market predict the president? Yes. 20-23 times, the stocks have been right.” – Ryan Detrick

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