Ep #23: Tax Loss Harvesting Year-End Planning

Have you realized that there are less than 30 days left in 2020? If you’re like many of us who wish the end of the year would come sooner, you’re definitely not alone—but have you considered what you can do now to offset the taxes you will pay in 2021? In this quick episode, I’m sharing a few powerful and impactful planning tips to offset your tax liabilities for the coming year, including what tax loss harvesting is and what you should be doing with your taxable investment accounts. As always, consult with a financial planner to determine what is best for your unique financial situation, but this episode will give you an idea of where to focus your energy so you can keep more money in your pocket in 2021.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What tax loss harvesting is and why you should consider it.
  • Some of the nuances of the tax loss harvesting strategy.
  • What you should—and shouldn’t—do to offset your taxes for the upcoming year.
  • What you should do with any non-qualified or taxable investment accounts you hold.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Your year-end tax planning strategy can be super important to your investment portfolio.” – Jonathan Bednar

“Tax loss harvesting is a really, really cool way to take advantage of trying to minimize your taxes that you would maybe have to pay the following year.” – Jonathan Bednar

“This is a really powerful and impactful strategy that you can use to offset some of your tax liabilities for 2021.” – Jonathan Bednar


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