Ep #30: Talking Markets with Ryan Detrick

Today I have Ryan Detrick on the show with me to talk about all things markets. Ryan is the Chief Market Strategist for LPL Financial, and he really has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the markets lately. A lot of questions have come in around the stimulus package and what’s going to happen with interest rates this year, so he will be shedding some light on these areas, in particular.

Listen in as Ryan goes over where things stand with the current interest rates, as well as when he expects them to increase. You’ll learn what’s happening with some of these names that have been “high-flyers” throughout COVID times, Ryan’s take on the debate over value vs. growth, and what he thinks is going on with different sections of the market.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The effects of stimulus and if the Fed will be hiking up rates.
  • When we should probably expect the Fed to increase interest rates.
  • Positive indicators for the recovery of the economy.
  • How higher interest rates might affect the stock market and whether that’s something to focus on.
  • Ryan’s opinion on the value or nothing debate.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“We might see 1 million jobs created this March and the economy is opening up.” – Ryan Detrick

“The stock market is the leading indicator for the economy. It’s likely saying the economy should really improve the second half of 2021 as things open up.” – Ryan Detrick

“The Fed has said that they won’t hike rates until they see inflation—until they see an average of 2%. The truth is that I don’t think we’ll see the Fed do anything this year, and that may be more the story for the second half of 2022.” – Ryan Detrick


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