Ep #38: Finding Your Why

Most of us understand what we do—the products we sell, the services we offer, the jobs we do, etc. However, not many financial advisors and entrepreneurs can clearly articulate why we do what we do. However, finding your purpose and having a clear understanding of our dreams can help us propel our businesses (and lives) forward. So, in this episode, I am going to be sharing some questions to ask yourself in order to find and define your purpose.

Listen in as I explain the importance of writing down your thoughts around money and then taking time to think about what those are. You will learn how to make your purpose your reality, why you should think about how you want to be remembered, and how to achieve your goals.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to find your purpose.
  • The importance of understanding why you want money.
  • Key questions to ask yourself to open up your dream journal.
  • How to plan for the unexpected.
  • How to make your goals a reality.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“How would you spend your life if you were financially secure and you didn’t have a care in the world?” – Jonathan Bednar

“I think we all want to be remembered for the things we’ve done right … so it’s important to understand how you want to be remembered.” – Jonathan Bednar

“We need to plan out what we want to happen … so that we’re actually taking hold of our purpose and our why, and we’re making that a reality.” – Jonathan Bednar

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